Discount Carpet and Moving Services


We are at a point in our more than 40 years of operation where we have become more dedicated to giving people a low price than making money. We are a collective of rug enthusiasts and carpet cleaning professionals that have learned the ins and outs of the industry and have such a large supply of rugs and carpets that we have taken it upon ourselves to offer the lowest prices anywhere.

You may wonder why we offer such low prices, that we are not taking advantage of the full need for carpet and Oriental rugs. That we are crazy to offer such low prices at our own expense. The reason we do this is because we believe in what we are doing, and that is changing the face of the carpet and rug market forever and proving to be the best inĀ commercial office moving.

A new industry standard

In a world where businesses are driven by high profit margins at the cost of the consumer, we believe in doing things differently. That every person should have access to discount rugs and carpet, not just the rich. In doing so, we have changed the price market for a number of different competing companies, and that we are happy with this change, that now the market in true market form is balancing out and saving the customer money.

At the center of what we do is a dedication to our customers and building a community that is based on knowledge and transparency rather than price gouging. We thoroughly believe that the shape of the market can change, and that what we are doing is a necessary step in giving everyone access to the carpet and rugs that they deserve. Some call us crazy, we call ourselves visionaries. Some day in the future we hope that our efforts will lead to a better overall price for consumers.