Extremely Inexpensive Oriental Rugs


Oriental rugs are wonderful centerpieces that will always get noticed and are the best single object for tying the room together. As a collective of rug owners and rug enthusiasts, we understand that not everyone can afford an Oriental rug, and we believe in a future when everyone can have one of these beautiful objects without making millions of dollars. This is only one of the reasons for which we sell our rugs at such a low price.

Not only do we believe that everyone should have access to an Oriental rug, but we also believe that there are many different decisions that make this difficult to do. These rugs are often very expensive to make, which can lead to inflated prices on the consumer end. What makes us different from other companies is the fact that we have such a large supply of rugs, allowing us to sell them at a lower price.

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One can argue that selling rugs for the price that we do is almost madness, that Oriental rugs are a status piece that should only be obtained by the people with the monetary assets needed to buy them. We say that let the people have luxury items at a price they can afford, paving the way for new families to create beloved heirlooms and have their homes and offices looking great.

We believe that our way of doing business, selling rugs at an affordable price will not only give more people access to these great items, but will also create a better industry that is based on the true market economy. We believe in innovating the Oriental rug market into something that is not the traditional market and one that functions a lot better. Join us in the movement to make these items affordable for everyone.